Transfer Route for Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

CIBSE Certification accepts applications made by applicants who are already certified via the APEL route with another certification body. CIBSE certification aim to provide applicants with a straight- forward transition to certification as an LCEA/LCC by offering a transfer route.


Applicants will need to demonstrate their competence and submit evidence to the scheme. The scheme shall assess the information provided by the applicant to enable the applicant to become certified with the scheme. (Please find below application procedure)


1. Application

  • All applicants must complete the Transfer Route application form and sign the declaration (CCF380).
  • All applicants must read all of the scheme documentation and sign the CIBSE Code of Conduct (CCMP006)
    Please see below:
    • Scheme Description Document (CCSDD 201).
    • Terms and Conditions (CCMP 002).
    • Code of Conduct (CCMP 006)
    • Disputes and Complaints procedure (CCP 101).
    • CPD for the Low Carbon Consultants Register (CCP 111).
    • Suspension, Withdrawal and other changes to certification status (CCP 136)

Download Transfer Application Pack (2MB zip file).

Please email completed applications and supporting documentation to or contact a member of the certification team for further information on 0208 772 3649.

2. Verification

All applicants will need to answer the following questions on the application form (CCF380) and provide evidence as necessary. This information will be checked by CIBSE Certification:

  • Name of Certification scheme you are currently registered with.
  • Have you ever been revoked by another Certification scheme? If Yes, please provide details.
  • Have you ever been or are you currently suspended from another certification scheme? If Yes, please provide details.
  • Declaration from current Certification body confirming that you have been certified via the APEL (Approval of Prior Experiential Learning) route with them.
  • Please provide one RRN number of a certificate you have lodged in the last 2 years.
  • DEC RRN:

3. Identity

  • All applicants need to provide a passport style photograph (taken on a light background) saved in Jpeg format.
  • All applicants need to provide a colour copy of your passport, photo driving licence or government issued identity card.

4. Insurance

  • All applicants need to provide a copy of PII certificate – (Professional Indemnity Insurance) the certificate  should hold the following information (start date and end date even if it is a continual policy, policy number, insurer, indemnity amount). (Minimum requirement for Indemnity for DEC is £100,000).
  • All applicants need to provide a copy of PLI certificate – (Public Liability Insurance) the certificate should hold the following information (start date and end date even if it is a continual policy, policy number, insurer, indemnity amount). (Minimum requirement for indemnity for DEC is £1,000,000.00).

5. Qualification

  • All applicants need to pass the LCC examination, to enable entrance on to the LCC register. For information on the one-day LCC Operation and Management course with assessment for experienced DEC Assessors, click here.
  • All applicants applying DEC will need to provide certification with a copy of your relevant software certificate from your preferred software provider.

6. CPD – Continual Professional Development

  • It is a condition of certification that you provide evidence of on-going learning. Please complete your CPD online at  This will be examined upon application and whenever you seek to renew your certification.
  • All applicants need to provide CPD (minimum 21 hours of CPD activity per year) this will be continually monitored by the scheme, the applicant must keep up to date with the schemes CPD requirements on becoming a certified assessor.

7. QA – Quality Assurance Audits

  • All applicants will be Quality Assurance checked as a certified assessor as set out in the DCLG scheme operating requirements all applicants must also comply with the QA audit requests, processes and procedures as part of becoming a certified assessor.

8. Costs Involved

For DEC applicants the Low Carbon Consultants exam must be successfully completed for entry on to the Low Carbon Consultants register.  Training is not mandatory but recommended.

For available course dates please refer to the CIBSE Training & Events website or contact Training on 0208 772 3616.

2 Day Training and Exam Fee:

CIBSE Members: £580 + VAT.

CIBSE Non-Members: £645 + VAT.

Discounts apply if completing one day or exam only. For more information contact CIBSE Training on 020 8772 3616 or email

There is NO assessment fee. The annual registration fee for the LCEA register is £315 + VAT pro rata based on the registration year which runs from September of each year.