CIBSE Certification’s ESOS Lead Assessor Register is the largest in the UK

CIBSE Certification’s ESOS Lead Assessor register has been approved by the Environment Agency.

Although our major focus is on the energy performance of buildings, you will find assessors on our register with experience in other sectors which may be particularly useful in the ESOS context. 

  • If you need to find a CIBSE ESOS Lead Assessor search here.
  • If  you would like to become a ESOS Lead Assessor please click here for information on how to apply: Become a CIBSE ESOS Lead Assessor

  • If you are planning to use ISO 50001 to meet your ESOS requirements find out about ISO 50001Certification here.


Further Information

To download the CIBSE Certification ESOS guide click here.

For more information on the ESOS Regulations and associated requirements click here.