MHCLG announce new energy certificate register and release EPC consultation response and associated action plan.

Following a successful transfer of the register from Landmark on 20th September, MHCLG have provided some detail on the benefits of the change.

Announcement of the New EPB Register Service and Publication of the Response to the EPC Call for Evidence and EPC Action Plan
Housing Minister Christopher Pincher has today announced the launch of a new digital service to support homeowners to improve the energy performance of their homes.
40% of the UK's energy consumption and carbon emissions arise from the way buildings are lit, heated and used so improving the energy efficiency of buildings will be a major factor in meeting the Government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050.
The new service makes it easier for people to find an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessor and understand the action that can be taken to improve the energy performance of their home or building.
The site also enables policy makers to gather high quality data to understand the energy performance of existing housing stock.
Like other government services including MOT certificates and Road Tax Disks, the energy certificates now exist as a web page making it easier for assessors to share with their clients by emailing a web page instead of a file. This makes it far easier for citizens and property professionals to store, view and share this vital information.
The new online register will continue to house searchable data on over 27 million energy assessments, enabling residents and landlords to obtain their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and to take action to improve the energy performance of their property.
Alongside this, MHCLG is publishing a summary of the responses to the EPC Call for Evidence and Action Plan which explores how to build a better, more accurate and trusted Energy Performance Certificates system. This was a commitment in the Clean Growth Strategy and has been delivered in partnership with BEIS.  The documents can be found at: