Laser Energy invite applications for approved supplier list


LASER Energy are a trading arm of Kent County Council and specialise in putting in place compliant routes-to-market for public sector bodies to access energy related goods, works and services.

More information about LASER Energy, its offerings and its history can be found at
LASER are in the process of putting in place a route-to-market for consulting, designing and installing energy and carbon reduction related products and services for public sector bodies. The scope of this contract is broad to help support the public sector in reaching their Net Zero carbon goals and we are proposing to cover four lots:
  1. Site survey based consultancy (e.g. DECs, EPCs, investment grade audits)
  2. netZero management consultancy (e.g. planning assistance, grid connection assistance, legal, financial, education, supply-chain analysis, programme management etc)
  3. Technology specific consultancy (e.g. Heat Pumps, Rooftop PV, Battery, Insulation)
  4. Technology specific installation (as with point 3 above, but for the installation of the assets)
The above list is by no means exhaustive and more details of what these cover can be found in the links below. As a part of this engagement LASER are seeking feedback from potential suppliers of other areas that could be included. Once the contract is in place, the customers could use it to seek quotes from any supplier that has successfully applied to be included within the contract. In the below links, LASER Energy are looking to gain expressions of interest from suppliers as well as obtaining feedback on what is included and the contracting route itself.
Supplier Engagement Video: this is a short video presentation (just over 8 minutes) giving more detail about the contract LASER are looking to put in to place.
Supplier Engagement Presentation: attached is the PDF of the slides for the above video to be able to easily review in more detail.
Expression of Interest and Feedback: this link is for a form which will give LASER Energy an informal expression of interest and where you can provide feedback on some of the questions LASER Energy has asked in the video.
Prior Information Notice: this is referenced in the video but essentially is a prior notification of LASER’s intention to release a contract out to the market. Through this link you can express your interest in partaking the procurement formally.
If you do provide your details and feedback, LASER Energy will be in contact with you to update you as the process progresses. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail LASER Energy directly at