About Us

CIBSE Certification Limited was founded in 2007 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

CIBSE Certification was formed to provide an independent certification body for the approval of personnel. In 2015 this extended to include the certification of Management Systems.

The organisational structure has a Company Board known as the Certification Board, a Steering Group and an operational team. The Steering Group is there to maintain the objectivity and impartiality required of a Certification body by the international and national standards under which the business operates.

CIBSE Certification operates the certification of personnel schemes within the United Kingdom that covers Low Carbon Consultants (LCCs), Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEAs) for non-domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Air Conditioning Inspectors (ACI), ESOS Lead Assessors, Heat Networks Consultant and Section 63 Advisors for Scotland.

CIBSE Certification also certifies organisations to management systems ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 50001 Energy Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety.  

UKAS Accredited certification schemes

Personnel Certification Schemes
The following are accredited by UKAS to ISO 17024:2012 Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons:

  • Low Carbon Consultants and Low Carbon Energy Assessors for the production of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
  • Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

Our other personnel certification schemes are not currently UKAS accredited.

Management Systems Certification Schemes
CIBSE Certification can certify organisations to the following management systems to the following standards for which we are accredited by UKAS to ISO 17021:2015 Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management - Requirements 
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use
  • ISO 50001:2018 Energy management systems - Requirements with guidance for use 

CIBSE Certification is working closely with UKAS to gain accreditation to allow us to certify management systems to ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements with guidance for use. We are expecting this accreditation to be in place by the end of 2023.  

Why choose CIBSE Certification?

We are committed to responding to the needs and expectation our clients. We aim to provide a quality service to all applicants, certifying knowledgeable practitioners in the industry for entrance to the CIBSE Certification LCC, LCEA and other registers as appropriate, offering them technical support, software support on-going marketing of our assessors, competitive rates for lodgements, international recognition and quality assurance. 

We are UKAS accredited to certify management systems. We pride ourselves on offering a premium value service and delivering quality services to ensure our clients meet the requirements of standards and run robust systems. 

Policies and procedures are in place to ensure all aspects of its activities are carried out in an objective, impartial and unbiased manner such that no conflict of interest is permitted, ensuring that all our certification activity is fair and equitable for all applicants. This includes meeting all legislative and statutory requirements that affect the schemes.

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