CIBSE Certification CPD

CIBSE Certification registrants are widely recognised as experienced and highly competent in their field of expertise. In order to maintain and enhance their professionalism CIBSE Certification registrants are required to carry out a minimum of 21 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity every calendar year (January to December).

There are additional requirements for LCEAs, as stipulated in the DLUHC SORs, who are also required to ensure that a minimum of 10 hours per year of CPD activity is relevant for the strand they are registered for, and 5 additional hours for each additional strand thereafter.

There are also additional requirements for ESOS Lead Assessors, as stipulated by the Environment Agency, who must set an ESOS specific objective within 3 months of being on the ESOS register. The objective must be relevant to ESOS requirements/PAS competencies with a minimum of 5 hours recorded.  This is part of the required minimum 21 hours of CPD per year.

For full information on the CPD requirements and procedures, please Download CPD Requirements CCP111 (50KB PDF)

For guidance on completing a compliant CPD record on your MYCIBSE Profile, please Download CPD Instructions (369KB PDF)

CPD needs to be identified and recorded using the following categories below:

Unstructured CPD

  • Assisting and supporting others
  • Open/distance learning that is not assessed and that does not lead to a qualification
  • Reading professional/technical journals, books and other publications
  • Relevant aspects of on-the-job training where specific learning objectives have been identified and planned (possibly from annual development planning and appraisal)

Semi-structured CPD

  • Conference and exhibition attendance
  • E-learning without assessment
  • Informal professional body meetings of a more social nature (networking opportunities)
  • Non-interactive lectures, talks etc.
  • Other institution technical meetings
  • Presentations and workshops
  • Research preparation and first delivery of lectures/courses
  • Writing and/or publishing of papers and articles


  • Academic studies
  • Active participation in the development of standards forms of open/distance learning that involve assessment and result in a qualification
  • E-learning with assessment
  • Interactive and highly participative training courses and seminars
  • Low Carbon courses
  • Professional body meetings with formal lectures

To update your CPD record login to the My CIBSE portal

You can undertake courses by any provider or for details of courses developed by CIBSE Training for LCEAs and Air Conditioning Inspectors click on this link

The basis of Continuing Professional Development is that whilst CIBSE Certification registrants have undertaken examinations to demonstrate their competence, even those that have a high level of knowledge need to keep abreast of new and improved technologies and methodologies that are always being developed and introduced, CPD is a requirement for all schemes.

CIBSE Certification will accept CPD carried out to satisfy the requirements of other professional bodies so long as the CPD is demonstrated as being relevant to the Scheme that you are certified for.

We accept CPD that is acquired both informally (e.g. reading and self-study) and formally (e.g. classroom training).
You will be sent a reminder about updating your CPD record when you renew your registration each September and you have until the end of December each year to update your records.

CIBSE Certification is required to carry out annual audits of CPD records to ensure registrants comply with the above, anyone audited that does not meet the necessary requirements may be suspended or withdrawn from the Scheme.