Personnel - Testimonials

“I have been an LCC/LCEA with CIBSE for over 10 years and I always felt at ease dealing with the Certification Team who are knowledgeable and go above and beyond  to support us and respond to enquiries swiftly. I strongly recommend other assessors to join CIBSE at any level of their career“.

Alex Balaskas, Energy Manager, CBRE


“We have been using CIBSE certification for almost 10 years, and have been very happy with the service. The certification services and lodgement credits are fairly priced, and the web-based platforms are easy to use for logging professional development activities. The knowledge of the technical support staff is exceptional. Their responses are very prompt, logical and supported by references to industry regulations.” 

Zahid Ashraf , Associate , CBG Consultants Ltd 


“I qualified as an EPC assessor in 2009 through the bre and I became a CIBSE LCC and LCEA in circa 2015 where I hold Level 5 accreditation.

To me, if you are going to be an EPC assessor and/or deal with Building Regulations Approved Document Part L2, then CIBSE are the industry gold standard for these qualifications. Not only are you taken seriously by industry and your peers, but the technical support you receive from their help desk is outstanding. This is important to understand because in England and Wales a good or poor EPC rating can affect asset capital values. You need to have confidence in your outputs and the support I receive from CIBSE allows me to have this”.

Andrew Cooper, Director, EVORA EDGE


“Having worked with CIBSE Certification Ltd as a Consultant Auditor and ESOS Lead Assessor for a number of years, I particularly like that the foundation of the organisation is Building Services knowledge and delivering  best practice. As Auditors and Lead Assessors  it is a requirement to keep our competence levels and CPD current and relevant to those sectors that CIBSE Certification Ltd  occupy and provide service offering to.
This gives the client confidence that we will understand their organisation and what constitutes continual improvement.”

Claire McGeechan, LCC ESOS, People Process Technology Ltd, 2023


“I have recently become a Low Carbon Energy Assessor with CIBSE Certification, and I have found the people that work for the company to be very helpful and professional. They helped a lot with my application to join the scheme and provided a very high level of customer service throughout the process. One thing that puts them above the other schemes is the speed with which they come back to me with answers to my technical or general queries, which are always concise and easy to understand. I highly recommend CIBSE Certification.”

Lee Wild, LCC LCEA, MEES Solutions Limited, 2023


“I have been impressed by the consistent high quality of administrative support and service from CIBSE Certification over the years. Thank you to the team for making it simple and stress-free to keep my certification current and compliant.”

Richard Walker, LCC ESOS, Capita Plc, 2023


“I’ve been accredited with CIBSE Certification for 10+ years. I initially chose them for the prestige of the CIBSE name… I quickly learned that they’re also extremely good at what they do and nice to work with.
The extra value I’ve received from CIBSE Certification over the years far outweighs the cost saving that could’ve made using one of the cheaper accreditation bodies. 
Technically excellent, administratively perfect, with a name that carries weight in the industry.
In my opinion, CIBSE Certification is the only accreditation body that should be considered for Level 5 Non-domestic energy assessment in this country.”

Ben Byrom, MSc LCC LCEA, 2023


“The CIBSE Certification team and Helena has provided me with excellent support throughout my LCEA application time, starting from the pre-application stage till final submission. With their support, I could manage to deal with all quality checks and requirements in regard to all required documents and statements. I am very pleased to achieve my LCEA credential and indebted to Helena and her team’s technical and professional support.”

Ehab Foda, LCEA, 2022