Become a CIBSE Certification Heat Networks Consultant

CIBSE Certification's schemes are for competent personnel who provide robust, impartial knowledge and guidance in the design and operation of energy efficient buildings, and management systems.

All schemes conform to the requirements of  ISO 17024:2012 and registrants must comply with competency requirements, our code of conduct, maintain appropriate insurance and meet our CPD requirements.

Join CIBSE Certification's register of Heat Networks Consultants to demonstrate competency to use the CIBSE CP1 Heat Networks: Code of Practice for the UK.

About Heat Networks 

District heating networks are now seen as one of the key solutions to deliver a low carbon energy economy, particularly in high heat density areas. If heat networks are to form a significant part of our future low carbon energy infrastructure in the UK then they need to be designed, built and operated to a high standard to deliver customer satisfaction.

code of practice CP1 on heat networks (district heating) has been produced by CIBSE and the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE), in collaboration with DECC, to assist in achieving that aim by raising standards right across the supply chain. The Code covers all forms of district heating from communal building heat to large city-wide schemes. It is designed to apply to both new networks and extensions of existing networks.

Rather than just providing guidance, the Code specifies minimum requirements which must be met in order to produce a successful scheme and comply with the Code. Further information is also provided on best practice for those looking to move beyond the minimum requirements. Setting minimum (and best practice) standards should provide greater confidence for specifiers and developers and the Code is already being used in the tendering/contracting process.

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What can a certified Heat Networks Consultants do? 

CIBSE Certification Heat Networks Consultants have been assessed on their knowledge and understanding of the Code of Practice.  This will give clients employing CIBSE Certification Heat Networks Consultants confidence that the guidance in the Code of Practice will be appropriately applied.

Become a CIBSE Certification Heat Networks Consultant 

There are no formal entry requirements to the examination, but it is advised that you familiarise yourself with the level of knowledge expected beforehand and take appropriate training.

To join the CIBSE Certification Heat Networks Consultants Register you must first pass an examination which assesses your competence to use the Code of Practice.  More information can be found on the CIBSE Training website

All Heat Networks Consultants must demonstrate their ongoing knowledge and understanding in the building regulations so they understand their interaction with the wider design team in the context of the regulations. To demonstrate their knowledge all applicants for the Heat Networks Consultants Register must successfully complete the Part L 2021 Update exam held by CIBSE Training if the exam was completed prior to 25 April 2023. Training is not mandatory but it is recommended, more information on the Part L 2021 Update exam and course can be found on the CIBSE Training website.

Applying to become a Heat Networks Consultants

Once you have passed the examination you can apply to become a CIBSE Certification Heat Networks Consultant by completing the application form and submitting any supporting documentation.

  1. Download the Heat Networks Consultant Application pack – submit the completed application form and signed CIBSE Certification Code of Conduct.
  2. Submit a digital photo of yourself saved as JPEG (taken against a white background where possible) for your ID card.
  3. Submit a copy of your employer's up to date Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) certificate. We cannot specify the limit of indemnity but we do recommend a minimum of £100,000.
  4. Pay your registration fee.

Please email completed applications and supporting documentation to

Renewal of Registration

Registration will be renewed annually. In order to re-register you will need to have undertaken CPD to maintain your competence and supplied an up to date copy of your employer's PII.

If you have a query about any aspect of the Heat Networks Consultants Register email the Certification department at